What should I wear for the portrait session?

It’s best if you wear relatively neutral colours without too many distracting patterns or logos. These can make the images look cluttered with too much going on it the shot. Other than that you should just turn up for the shoot in whatever you feel comfortable in. See my what to wear on a portrait session guide here.


What if there’s bad weather on the day of the photo shoot?

If the weather is bad on the day of the shoot then we can reschedule for another time which is convenient for both parties.


When is the best time of the day for photographs?

The best time of day for photo sessions is either early in the morning, an hour or so after sunrise or later in the afternoon/evening, an hour before the sun begins to set. These periods are known as the ‘golden hour’. This isn’t to say that these are the only times to shoot in the day. No matter what time of day the session is I will always use locations that make best use of the light available.


Should I bring anything?

The only things that are required are the portrait subjects themselves! However, if you feel you’d like to incorporate something into the shoot then feel free to bring it along and I do my best to work with it.


I’ve seen a cool photo/pose online. Can I send it over to you to recreate on the day of the shoot?

If you’ve seen any cool or interesting photos online please send them over prior to the portrait session. Although I’m reluctant to copy poses or photographic styles we can certainly use them as inspiration to create an original looking photo for you.


What if I need to reschedule?

If you need to reschedule then please let me know as early as possible. We can rearrange the shoot for a convenient time for all parties.


Will I own the copyright to the images?

No, the copyright will remain with the photographer. However, you will receive licencing for personal printing rights.


How long will it take for my images to be ready?

I aim to edit all of the images within 7 days of the shoot. Once I finish editing the images I will send them out by 1st class post. All in all you should receive your portrait session images in up to 10 days.


I want a shoot but the packages on offer don’t appeal to me. Can I customise a package to suit my needs?

Absolutely! Just contact me via my contact page and let me know what you require. I can then send you a quote based on your needs.


When do we pay for the session?

The deposit needs to be paid straight away in order to book the date of the portrait session. Until the deposit has been paid the date cannot be reserved. The remainder of the fee will be payable on the day of the photo session. Payment can be made prior to the session if you choose. No images or galleries will be available until payment has been made in full.


How should I pay?

You can pay deposits and fees by cheque, cash or bank transfer.


Do you offer newborn portrait sessions?

I don’t offer to shoot newborn portrait sessions. A newborn shoot is very different to normal portrait sessions and as such isn’t something that I offer. I’d be more than happy to give my recommendations should you require a newborn photographer, though 🙂