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16 for 16 – Best of 2016

As we’re nearly at the end of 2016 I thought I’d take a look back at the past year, so below are my favourite 16 images of the year. For Over in a Flash 2016 started with a fantastic pet portrait session with Mabli and Olive in St. Asaph and ended with the brilliant portrait session with the Stuart familyRead more

Malcesine – pt.1 of many!

So, it was my brother’s wedding a few weeks ago and he and his new wife, Kirsty, got married in Malcesine, which is on Lake Garda in Italy. Malcesine is a fantastic place to go on holiday and I’d really recommend it to anyone. There’s loads to do, both on the lake and around the lake in general. More importantly there’s also loads to eat! As you’d expect from an Italian holiday. We can definitely say we made the most of it…the food that is!

Anyway, this isn’t a long post but I just wanted to give a heads up that there’ll be a fair few pictures being posted of our time in Malcesine, leading up to a blog post about their fantastic wedding day.

For now, here’s a picture I captured of angel rays peaking through the clouds just before sunset. Not a bad view…

Archie & Ellie – Pet Portrait Session

Double trouble!


Last weekend I shot a dog portrait session with two amazing Weimaraners, Archie and Ellie. These are beautiful dogs and they seemed to have a lot of fun on our hour long session, I think this definitely shows in the final images.

Read more

Sunset walkabouts around Buckley

I went for a sunset walk around Buckley last night with my wife and son and thought it’d be a great time to test out the new panorama feature in Adobe Lightroom CC. I’d read quite a bit about it but so far hadn’t got round to giving it a go.

The views over Cheshire and the Wirral from Globe Way (by Buckley Town football ground) are brilliant on a clear evening so it seemed like the perfect place to test it out.

After getting back and uploading all my images to Lightroom I was really impressed with the results. The actual merging of the images to make the panorama is relatively quick and I think the results were pretty impressive. Definitely something I’ll be trying to incorporate into my portrait shots.

North West Buckley Wirral Cheshire Liverpool panorama

See this image on Flickr for full quality.

I also got this shot of Laura while walking through Buckley Industrial estate. Everything had closed for the evening and it was eerily quiet. Seemed like a great opportunity to snap some shots and the resulting image came out looking really dramatic. All in all, a good evening!

Laura Portrait Buckley Industrial estate

For all portrait enquiries please contact me here.

Camera Shutter Mechanism in Slow Motion

Well, hello there! I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and New Year (I know it’s a little late but better late than never).

I haven’t managed to get a blog post out since before Christmas so I thought it was time that I got my act into gear and posted something. I’ve been busy with bits and bobs since Christmas – I’m in the middle of an online course by Liverpool based photographer Rory Lewis who has recently done portrait sessions with the likes of Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen. I’ve also started the process of getting some photography work pages up on the site so watch this space for upcoming portrait photography sessions and prices.

However, today’s post isn’t about anything that I’ve been doing. I saw a video today which I thought was really interesting – maybe it’s just because I’m a bit of a geek! If you’re an avid YouTuber or have watched shows like RudeTube then you may be aware of a duo called the Slo Mo Guys. Essentially they’re just a couple of guys who film things in ultra-slow motion, high definition video. Seemingly mundane things or actions can look pretty cool when you see how they react in super slow mo.

This video is no different. This time instead of jumping on a massive water filled balloon or filming how a slinky falls, they have filmed how the mechanism inside a camera works at different shutter speeds. Now, that may not sound particularly interesting but I can assure you that it’s well worth a watch.

Using their trusty 70D they show how the mirror, which reflects the lens through the viewfinder, lifts before the shutter comes down and the mirror then returns to its original position. This is why there is a point when you press the shutter release button where the viewfinder goes black and you can no longer see through it. This only occurs for a split second and you may not have even noticed it happening.

Slow motion camera shutter mechanism

The really interesting thing from my point of view is how the shutter actually looks as it comes down. An image isn’t taken all in one go. The shutter moves down from the top and when you make the shutter speed faster the gap in the actual shutter is reduced. This is one of the reasons why the faster you shutter speed is, the less light it lets into the sensor.

Anyway, I won’t explain the video anymore. Just take a look at it.

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